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Innovative and Informed approach to Dispute Resolution.

Conflict Services offers mediation services, communication advice and dispute resolution training across Australia and abroad. We use the most experienced mediators and adult educators: resolving disputes for people or empowering them to resolve their own disputes. We provide face to face or online services.

Our work is fully insured and conducted by accredited and certified Mediators and trainers.

We also work in partnership with other professional registration organisations or government Departments to provide best practice dispute resolution and training.




We offer a range of training from customised negotiation skills training to digital transformation training for mediation practices. If you require training in any aspect of negotiation, mediation and communication with clients or staff, we can provide it.

Our particular areas of expertise are workplace dispute resolution complaints handling and community mediation. We work with businesses to train their managers and staff in negotiation and dispute resolution skills.

All of our training is available online (via Zoom or Microsoft Teams) or in person.



We are mediation specialists. We offer facilitative and evaluative mediation processes.


Not only do we conduct mediation processes but we also train and coach aspiring mediators. Our mediators are Nationally Accredited Mediators in accordance with the requirements of the Mediation Standards Board:  

Communication Strategy

We also provide advice to government agencies and organisations on setting up appropriate policies, procedures and internal systems to support conflict management and resolution. We can recommend different approaches to addressing any systemic issues in your organisation that might cause disputes to arise or continue into the future.

Shiv Martin - Principal Mediator and Trainer

Shiv is a nationally accredited mediator, lawyer and qualified adult educator. Through her engagement in complex dispute resolution in the government and legal sectors for over 10 years, she has developed expertise in effectively managing complaints.


Since 2013, Shiv has been developing and training public service officers, mediators and lawyers in the methods of high conflict management pioneered by the High Conflict Institute. She has delivered webinars, face to face workshops, direct coaching and university teaching in this area.


As a community mediator, Shiv has a keen interest and skill in conducting cross-cultural and inter generational mediation. She is an active member of the South Queensland Dispute Resolution Centre where she continues to train, coach and assess aspiring mediators.

Shiv currently trains for the following organisations:

1) High Conflict Institute: 

2) Resolution Institute:


Banana Leaves

Laura, Professional Development Manager

Resolution Institute

Shiv Martin is an engaging, confident online trainer who utilises the models available to engage her participants. Her materials are well-paces, easily understood and well-resourced.

Magnified Grass

TK, Director and Founder


TEAM Real Estate

Shiv Martin of Integrative Conversations provided excellent written communication and copywriting services and internal communication and policy advice. Shiv was able to effectively communicate in writing clear messages regarding our business goals and achievements.

Fern Plant

Nathan Polito, CEO



Shiv Martin of Integrative Conversations has an excellent grasp of the opportunities that are presented by online mediation and proficiently navigates technology as well as the needs of mediation participants to get position results.

Tropical Leaves

Travis Philp, Group Manager


Procurement Office


I want to reach out and thank you for the detailed and engaging presentation on stakeholder engagements. I am sure I will be able to use many of the teachings in my everyday working environment to great effect. Thanks again and keep up the amazing work.

Green Leaves

Helen, Senior Legal Officer


Ombudsman SA

I found Shiv’s training very interesting and intellectually stimulating but I can also see how it can be practically applied and help guide decisions as to when to seek to negotiate. I think the techniques you touched on will improve currently distrustful relationships.

Wet Leaves

High Conflict Institute web page

Shiv has expertise in managing complaints and high conflict behaviours in a broad range of workplace contexts.

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