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Make conflict resolution a priority, rather than "winning" or

being "right".

Personal conflict can happen just about anywhere, it is a fact of life. To avoid further complications and stress, it is important to ensure you take the right steps in solving the problem. 


Conflict Services are here to help you find the right pathway out of your challenges, whether big or small. 

"We value integration, intelligence and innovation in our approach to conflict." 

- Shiv Martin 

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Whether it is divorce, complaints or property and estate conflict, there comes an immediate headache from all the paperwork and costly legal procedures.

But your resolution strategy doesn't have to be this difficult.

As conflict professionals, we are here to guide you through a much simpler process that doesn't involve the outrageous fees and lengthy documents.

We are focused on providing a service that allows parties to reach their desired outcomes with comfort and respect. 

Booking your mediation

Our resolution process begins with an intake discussion to find out more about the history of your dispute, enabling us to assist you to our full potential.

Book your confidential discussion here.

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