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The mediation process 

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About mediation

The mediation process encourages parties to resolve any disputes without the involvement of courts and costly legal fees. The process is led by an independent, impartial party known as the Mediator. The Mediator assists parties to a dispute directly negotiate future outcomes.


What is the aim of mediation?

The purpose of mediation is to have parties openly and honestly discuss their concerns and to identify options and reach agreements about the future. The Mediator does not provide legal advice, they are there to ensure that the communication is respectful and productive. Where appropriate the Mediator may provide information to the parties about the alternatives to mediation.

How long does mediation take?

Mediation can take anywhere between one hour to several days. It will depend on the dispute and the number of people involved. Most of our mediations are completed within three to four hours. We can give you an estimate of how long the mediation will take once we hear more about your dispute.

What information is shared during mediation?

During mediation the parties to the dispute choose what information they share and what they will agree to. The mediator will not compel you to share any information or make any decisions that will affect your future.

The mediation process is entirely voluntary and relies on the goodwill of parties. If after a mediation no agreement is reached, then one or both parties may proceed to legal action.

You can also choose to book in multiple mediations to ensure that you have the best chance of a negotiated outcome.

What about my safety?

The health and safety of our mediators and participants is paramount. We will not book in mediations if we consider that they are physically or psychologically unsafe. Our mediators will not hesitate to terminate any process that threatens the safety of the individuals involved.

How mediation can help your workplace

Conflicts arise all the time in the workplace - perhaps out of poor communication, unclear job roles, unfairness, and poor management, just to mention a few.

Failure to address them in time diminishes employees’ morale, drastically reducing work performance and taking a toll on your enterprise’s returns.

That is why it is imperative to consult mediation experts in such cases to avoid hurting your business.

Mutually-inclusive outcomes 

Our professional mediators give both parties equal chances and enough space to express themselves fully.

That enables the employees to agree on themselves - even without pressure from anyone.

Such an agreement is very pure! It is different from a court ruling, where one party is compelled to accept the outcome even when it is unfair.

Highly confidential and convenient

Even when there is a dispute amongst your employees, it’s always wise to keep things pretty secretive.

You don’t want to harm your reputation nor have your competitors to know your weaknesses, and that is what our mediation experts guarantee.

We give you the freedom to decided whether you want the meeting within your premises or a private space in a restaurant - the choice is yours!

If you require some guidance in planning, our mediators are happy to help. 

Quick resolution with less cost

Instead of seeking legal advice and getting involved  in drawn out court processes, mediation and facilitation services can assist your workplace by creating positive relationships while resolving conflict quickly. We can assist in resolving disputes between management, employees and with customers.

Mediation can bring you one step closer to restoring harmony in your business, enterprise, or organisation. We assist businesses in Brisbane and across Australia by building capacity in your teams through dispute resolution processes and training.


Our mediation expertise is supported

by professional industry bodies

and standards, allowing us to provide best practice in our service and training. 

Are you looking for professional mediation services? Book an appointment with us.

Express Online Mediation

Our Mediators will facilitate negotiations using online platforms such as Zoom, Teams or Google Meet. You can resolve disputes with other individuals in your community or workplace through a video conference in a couple of hours.

Email us and request an Express Online Mediation

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