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Why mediation?

Mediation aims to empower parties to resolve their dispute without the headache of court procedures and costly legal fees. 
You can seek the assistance of a mediator at any stage during or even before you expect to have a dispute. Many Organisations seek the assistance of a mediator to facilitate important meetings that have the potential to create or cause further conflict.

So how can we help you?

At Conflict Services we have a team of highly experienced & certified mediators, based in Brisbane, who will help you resolve your disputes. We offer mediations, facilitations, conflict coaching and training in communication and conflict resolution. We are fully insured and affiliated with professional industry bodies to ensure the highest practice standards. 
We can help you navigate difficult conversations and solve complex disputes through:
1) Mediation in Brisbane or online
2) Facilitation of business meetings in Brisbane or online
3) Training or conflict coaching services that equip your team with better conflict management skills.
Based in Brisbane, we offer mediation, facilitation or conflict coaching services for any community or personal dispute including workplace, small business, property, estates and complaints regarding professional services. The dispute resolution process is led by an independent, impartial and professionally trained mediator. 
For Businesses and Organisations we also offer facilitation, conflict coaching and training services in Brisbane. Your staff can be trained on best practices in negotiation, customer relationship management, complaints handling and conflict resolution. Here are examples of how we help Businesses and Organisations.

Conflict Services Lead Mediator,  CEO Shiv Martin

Nationally accredited mediator, lawyer & educator
Over 10 years' experience government & legal sectors 
Ongoing associate of the South Queensland Dispute Resolution Centre
Administrative Appeals Tribunal, High Conflict Institute, Newcastle University and  Resolution Institute. 

About mediation

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