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Training and coaching

Our training services range from customised negotiation skills training to digital transformation training for mediation practices.

If you require training in any aspect of negotiation, mediation and communication with clients or staff, we can provide it.


Our particular areas of expertise are workplace dispute resolution complaints handling and community mediation.

We work with businesses to train their managers and staff in negotiation and dispute resolution skills.


Since 2013, Founder Shiv Martin has been developing and training public service officers, mediators and lawyers in the methods of high conflict management pioneered by the High Conflict Institute.

She has delivered webinars, face-to-face workshops, direct coaching and university seminars in this field. 

Shiv has also been highlighted by the Resolution Institute as part of their Spotlight series for her excellence in training.

Read the blog here.

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Resulution Institute

Resolution Institute

Shiv is a member of the Resolution Institute's Brisbane Professional Development Group.


South Queensland Dispute Resolution Centre

Shiv Martin is a Panel Mediator and Mediation Skills Trainer, Coach and Assessor for the South Queensland Dispute Resolution Centre, Department of Justice and Attorney General QLD.

Conflict Resolution Training

At Conflict Services, our trainers have a detailed understanding of the best practices in negotiation, mediation and conciliation. We work with organisations such as the Resolution Institute and the Queensland Government's mediator panel to deliver dispute resolution training.

Our CEO, Shiv Martin currently trains and assesses new mediators across Queensland. We have access to world renowned training resources in negotiation and mediation practice. Shiv has conducted training in the following areas:

Our strategies aim to identify the quickest, most cost effective way to resolve conflict in a fair and reasonable manner. To learn more about our training programs, contact us

Negotiation Skills

Conflict Coaching



Decision Making

Notebook and Pencil

Conciliation and conflict coaching

Conciliation is a dispute-resolution strategy that brings together the parties into a negotiation overseen by a conciliator - the dispute resolution practitioner.

These practitioners have undergone thorough conciliation training and practiced resolving real workplace disputes.


We provide training for government and other community organisations who are seeking to upskill their staff so that they can conduct conciliations.

Conciliation Dispute Resolution Coaching

We deploy various strategies in our conflict management coaching which ensures that professionals can go back to their workplaces as confident leaders and managers. 

These strategies include: 

  • Active listening 

  • Calmness 

  • Fairness

  • Focusing on the problem rather than the party 

  • Communicating directly 

  • Considering history and future 

If you wish to seek conciliation or conflict management coaching for your team, reach out and schedule your appointment.

Resolution Institute provides dispute resolvers for the business, legal and broad community sectors. Resolution Institute delivers training in a range of dispute resolution practice areas at all levels from basic skills courses through to advanced training and continuing professional development.

Resolution Institute:

  • serves the community by promoting and facilitating the development, acceptance and usage of DR

  • promotes education and research in DR

  • disseminates information for the benefit of its members and the community

  • provides simple and effective access to dispute resolution professionals

  • assists organisations in developing effective grievance handling procedures

  • ensures excellence in the delivery of DR solutions to our region through training, accreditation and development of a national standard for practitioners.

Resolution Institute has more than 15 years’ experience in accrediting mediators.  Resolution Institute played a significant role in championing the introduction of the NMAS (National Mediator Accreditation System) and continues to be active in the development of those Standards.  As a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB), Resolution Institute has accredited more than 1,800 mediators since NMAS was first introduced in 2008. 

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