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What Our Clients Say

Helen, Senior Legal Officer

Ombudsman SA

"I found Shiv’s training very interesting and intellectually stimulating, but I can also see how it can be practically applied and help guide decisions when to seek to negotiate. I think the techniques touched on will improve currently distrustful relationships."

Nathan, Chief Executive Officer


"Shiv Martin of Integrative Conversations has an excellent grasp of the opportunities that are presented by online mediation and proficiently navigates technology as well as the needs of mediation participants to get position results."

Travis Philip, Group Manager

Procurement Office VicTrack

"I want to reach out and thank you for the detailed and engaging presentation on stakeholder engagements. I am sure I will be able to use many of the teachings in my everyday working environment to a great effect. Thanks again and keep up the amazing work."

Laura, Professional Development Manager

Resolution Institute

"Shiv Martin is an engaging, confident online trainer who utilises the models available to engage her participants. Her materials are well-paced, easily understood and


TK, Director & Founder

TEAM Real Estate

"Shiv Martin of Integrative Conversations provided excellent written communication and copywriting services,

and internal communication and policy advice. Shiv was able to effectively communicate in writing clear messages regarding our business goals and achievements."

Shiv - Conflict Services-03.jpg


Shiv has resolved many workplace mediations and business disputes without the need for costly legal processes. We can facilitate difficult conversations with your team or customers.

We are a leading mediation service provider in Brisbane.


We will train your team to manage conflict, through negotiation and complaints handling training and improve relationships for lasting results. We offer face to face training in Brisbane, across Queensland and Australia.


We design policies and workflows that support best practice in conflict resolution Brisbane. We can provide policies in complaints management, workplace conduct and governance considerations.


We will work with leadership teams to understand the concerns facing your organisation in Brisbane and and across Australia and assist you to identify appropriate conflict management strategies.

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