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"We use the most experienced mediators and educators, resolving disputes for people or empowering them to solve their own disputes."

Shiv Martin 

Shiv is a nationally accredited mediator, practicing lawyer, statutory decision maker and certified vocational trainer. With over 10 years as a trainer and engaging in complex dispute resolution in the government and legal sectors, Shiv has equipped a unique and diverse set of skills in Law, Management, Vocational Education and Mediation. 

Shiv currently manages teams and projects in public service dispute resolution and consults with various government agencies on best practices in dispute resolution. As a Conference Registrar for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Shiv conducted conferences and conciliations in a broad array of public sector disputes including tax, worker’s compensation and disability support (NDIS matters) and social services complaints. She is recognised by the AAT as a specialist practitioner in the NDIS division. 

Principal Mediator, Trainer & CEO


As an experienced community mediator, Shiv has a keen interest and skill in conducting cross-cultural and intergenerational mediations. She is an active member of the South Queensland Dispute Resolution Centre where she continues to train, coach and assess aspiring mediators for NMAS Accreditation. 


Shiv’s greatest area of strength and passion is training and coaching in dispute resolution. She has taught students of the University of Queensland and Newcastle University. She has also trained many public service decision makers in negotiation skills and strategy. Shiv also advises organisations on designing and implementing appropriate policies, systems and practices around effective conflict resolution and complaints handling. 


Shiv is a leading online dispute resolution practitioner and has partnered with MODRON in introducing and supporting dispute resolution practitioners in transitioning to online dispute resolution platforms. Shiv has trained for many organisations including: 

  • Resolution Institute Member training

  • Information Commissioner (QLD) 

  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal 

  • Australian Financial Complaints Authority 

  • High Conflict Institute 

  • Department of Justice & Attorney General (QLD) 

  • Ombudsman South Australia 

  • Accident Compensation & Conciliation Service

  • National Disability Insurance Service Commission

  • TEAM Real Estate, Ray White Real Estate 

  • UC Berkley 

  • Catholicare

  • National Sports Tribunal

  • Department of Primary Industries & Environment (NSW) 

  • Australian Human Rights Commission

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"Conflict and disagreements can be a source of opportunity, positive change and better relationships only if we get the communication strategy right."

- Shiv Martin

Angela Durocher

Angela is an experienced and nationally accredited mediator, lawyer, trainer and mentor.

Angela has been engaged in complex dispute resolution across a range of state and national

jurisdictions for over 15 years. As a trainer, Angela has the advantage of having been

involved in dispute resolution in different roles (all sides of the table) which results in a

unique and practical approach to dispute resolution training.


Angela is currently the Assistant Director ADR for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. In

this role, she conducts case management conferences and conciliations within the

administrative review jurisdictions including tax, worker’s compensation, social services and

the National Disability and Insurance Scheme. Angela also delivers on key ADR projects to

ensure the continued improvement of the organisations’ ADR processes and procedures.

Angela also currently conducts mediations for the Dispute Resolution Brach of the Justice

and Attorney General’s Office, Queensland within consumer law, minor civil and motor

vehicle disputes.


As an experienced mediator and lawyer, Angela is focused on delivering training which is

practical and effective regardless of whether the practitioners’ role is as a legal

representative, mediator or decision maker.

Mediator & Facilitator 

Janet Barnes

Based in Brisbane, Janet has been a litigation lawyer and came to mediation at the turn of the century as a more flexible and empowering process for resolving disputes. Janet’s mediation experience spans 20 years and she has mediated family, estates, construction, commercial, neighbourhood and workplace disputes. Janet believes that a facilitative model is ideal for most disputes where people simply have not had the opportunity to be able to sit down and discuss their concerns or issues in a conducive environment.  

Janet is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and continues to mediate in Child Protection and Community mediations for the Department of Justice and Attorney General Qld.  Janet enjoys teaching and coaching adults to become mediators and dispute resolution practitioners and works in this capacity for the College of Law and QUT. 

Mediator & Facilitator 


Janet has a Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution from Griffith University and has completed Peacewise training for church mediation and dispute resolution.

When not mediating or training, Janet enjoys working voluntarily for her Church in music ministry, for the City Bible Forum as a networker and presenter and is also managing to fit in some subjects with the Queensland Theological College.

Morgan McNamara 

Conflict Services Executive Officer 

Morgan supports the day-to-day operations of Conflict Services. 


She is responsible for handling new customer enquiries and scheduling. As the first point of contact for Conflict Services, Morgan has a great deal of experience in customer service and a knack for organisation and scheduling. 

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