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Irrespective of the size of your business, we can partner with you to support your teams in all levels of conflict management and improved communication and working relationships.

From training to policy writing, termination conversations and mediation between staff, management and customers, we can take the stress and hassle out of resolving workplace disputes.

Be it business to business or internally in the workplace, these issues won't disappear overnight. Our independent, expert conflict resolution staff work with businesses based in Brisbane and Australia wide who are seeking support to create the best work environment for their staff.

With our clearly structured and empowering facilitation and mediation processes, we can get your business on the right track.  Based in Brisbane, our services include facilitating important meetings between your staff or with your clients to ensure that any conflict or disagreements are managed well.

We guarantee confidentiality and professionalism in all of our work.

Our mediators offer a range of services to assist business and government organisations better manage conflict and to improve their stakeholder relationships. We will also assist you business in difficult interactions with government agencies and public services.

In the business context, conflict may be in the form of internal disagreements with staff or management. It may also be a dispute between business partners, contractors or suppliers.

Managing and resolving complaints and disagreements between your staff and customers is often a source of distress for many business owners.

If you are an organisation that deals with conflict, disagreements or heightened emotions as part of your day-to-day work, training your staff in effective communication skills and providing them with practical tools for conflict resolution is one of the best investments you can make.

At Conflict Services, we have helped organisations manage conflict in a range of industries including disability services, real estate, insurance, financial services, sports administration, aged care and building and construction.


Impartial facilitation of a conversation between two or more disputing parties who seek to negotiate an agreement to their dispute rather than taking the matter to court or the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). All of our mediators have legal training.

Outdoors Meeting

Training: Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Tailored workshops face to face in Brisbane or online to assist your team members to build better skills in negotiation and other forms of conflict resolution.


Meetings between staff and key stakeholders to identify competing interests and to devise a strategy to improve working relationships.

We can also host your next board meeting or staff meeting to assist your organisation to better discuss contentious issues.

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Conflict Coaching for Leadership

Help for the leaders in your organisation to manage conflict more effectively, in the context of their own roles and working styles.

Student Group Brainstorm

Stakeholder Workshops

Working with organisations to identify key stakeholders and to devise an appropriate communication strategy for each stakeholder.

Communication Strategy & Advice

Assisting organisations to create policies and templates that assist in the management of complaints and other disputes that may arise in your workplace.

Training, consulting or interventions for any disputes that are complicated by cross-cultural communication.

Hand Drawing

Mapping your stakeholders

Business disputes are often more complicated as organisational hierarchy and positions come into play. 

Positions are entrenched, fixed and have only one outcome - that person has already decided.

Therefore is it essential to explore the values and motivations of your impacted stakeholders, opening up more solutions.

You may even find stakeholders that present opportunities for your business to improve its conflict resolution processes.

We can help you discover more about your stakeholders and how this affects you.

Have a business dispute?

Arrange a confidential consultation with us and we can navigate you to an integrative, intelligent and innovative solution. We work with Brisbane based businesses.

Make the call.

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