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So what does a Mediator actually do?

A Mediator has special training and practical experience in assisting parties to communicate in conflict situations. Mediators do not give advice or make decisions. What they will do is empower parties to make their own decisions.

During a Mediation, if our Mediators see that one party is not behaving appropriately then it is our role to ensure that the process is carried on with respect. We will terminate any mediation that we consider to be harmful to the health and wellbeing of the parties.

Mediators are not lawyers and cannot provide you with advice on what the best options are for you. In some cases, a Mediator may share information about how particular disputes are likely to be managed in legal processes.

All persons who claim to be Mediators in Australia must have National Mediator Accreditation as required by the Mediator Standards Board. If you are booking in for a Mediation ensure that you check that they are accredited here:

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