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5 Key Strategies Covered in Our Conflict Resolution Training Brisbane

People from different backgrounds have different ways of addressing misunderstandings. And that translates even to the workplace ecosystem.

At Conflict Services, we have invested a considerable amount of time, resources, and energy in understanding what other Integrative Conversations: Brisbane Mediationresearchers have to say. For instance, Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann put across five critical conflict resolution strategies, which form an integral part of our conflict resolution training Brisbane program.

So, let us have an overview of what you will learn from our resolution institute mediation training.

What You Will Learn from Our Resolution Institute of Mediation Training

Sometimes, after weighing the benefits of conflict resolution against withdrawing from the conflict, some parties chose the latter. Well, while this settles the dispute fast, the withheld opinions could be the game-changer in the workplace. Therefore, it resolves nothing.

Instead of resolving their differences amicably, parties decide to get into competition at the workplace. The notion is that whoever performs the best is the winner—it’s also harmful to your enterprise.

One party agrees to give in to the interests of the other, to avoid unnecessary collisions. While this may resolve the issue temporarily, the unresolved issues may result in significant differences later on. Besides, it creates a master-slave relationship in the workplace.

Both parties partially agree to resolve their differences. Each of them contributes part of their ideas that they want to address—to settle the matter.

The parties decide to bury their differences completely and develop strategies geared towards creating a good working relationship. Our conflict resolution training Brisbane program will always support this.

Connect with our resolution institute mediation training

As we pointed out earlier, employees from different workplaces and backgrounds use different methods to address their differences. However, none of them works better than collaboration. This strategy results in pure and positive energy among employees.

Therefore, it is the strategy that we advocate for in all our training sessions. In case you are wondering how to implement a collaborative culture among your employees, let us know today.

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