Conflict Management Coaching

The principles of conciliation and conflict management coaching

Conciliation is a dispute-resolution strategy that brings together the parties into a negotiation overseen by a conciliator—the dispute resolution practitioner. Typically, these are professionals who have undergone thorough conciliation training and practiced resolving real workplace disputes. You can better describe it as conflict management coaching.

Here are the fundamental principles.

Active listening
Listening plays the most critical role in communication. If you do not understand what the other party is trying to communicate, you cannot settle the differences. Active listening also involves watching out body language and intonation.

Calmness—thinking before you respond
The notion some parties have is that if they do not confront the other party, they might lose the opportunity. However, this is the exact opposite of what conflict management coaching teaches. Be courteous and think ahead even before altering a word.

The whole point of conflict resolution allows both parties to express themselves fully and consider their thoughts in the final decision. Favor does not exist in the world of conciliation training.

Focus on the Problem Rather Than the Other Party
At times when the parties get emotional, they might begin to blame each other instead of confronting the problem head-on. Conflict management coaching helps the parties to normalize targeting the root of the problem.

Communicating Directly
Avoid beating around the bush and express your real feelings. Consider using “I-messages” because “you-messages” implies you are blaming the other party.

Consider your history and future
One of the best ways to settle at a mutual agreement is focusing on where you are coming from and where you hope to be soon—together. That way, everyone will create a point of understanding the other party quite easily.

Get Conciliation Training at Conflict Services

What we have just discussed is a portion of the tips we deploy in our conflict management coaching. So, if you are looking for conciliation training for your management team in Brisbane and its environs, be sure to schedule an appointment with us.

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