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Manager's Briefing

If you are a team manager looking to improve the working relationships in your team and build a more respectful and collaborative workplace culture, we can tailor our mediation and facilitation services to deliver the outcomes you are seeking.


A mediator is trained to facilitate conversations as an impartial, independent and empathetic third party. Mediators do not provide legal advice or persuade individuals to take particular courses of action. Rather, the focus of a mediator is to assist parties to rebuild their relationships so that they can work together to identify options for moving forward together and building a more positive workplace culture. Mediators provide parties with the communication tools to identify and resolve their own concerns. They ensure that communications remain constructive and future focused while achieving enduring outcomes for better working relationships.


Outcomes Focussed

We will work collaboratively with your team to rebuild and improve work relationships through carefully designed and facilitated conversations. We will work with your team to put in place a set of shared values, goals and team expectations.

Our conflict resolution processes aim to build mutual respect, understanding and common goals between team members. We will utilise a combination of one on one coaching conversations, multi-party mediations and facilitated group discussions to encourage constructive dialogue and to build a positive team culture.


We can also ensure that any planned workplace change including workforce restructuring is achieved with limited workplace conflict.

Creative Working

Co-designing the Best Process 

We will work with your management team to design the right conflict resolution process. We will listen to you needs:

1) What would you like to achieve? What is the ideal future state for your team?

2) What are the timeframes? Are there any particular time pressures?

3) Are there any related legal processes that we must be aware of?

4) Are there any health, safety or other risks that we need to be aware of?

5) What is the level of information you wish to receive through the conflict resolution process?

6) Tell us more about what you have already tried and the impact of those actions.

Our workplace team building and resolution processes include one or more of the following steps. We will work with your team and adapt our approach as needed.

  • Briefing Meeting with Executive Staff

  • One on one follow ups with Key Managers

  • Early introductory conversations with key stakeholders

  • Mediation planning and scheduling

  • Mediations with two or more parties

  • Debriefing from Mediations

  • Facilitated team meetings about future plans

  • Executive closing briefing

  • Outcome reports

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